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abstract artist

Iveta Ježeková is an abstract painter from Bratislava, Slovakia and has been actively painting since 2016. Her artist name is Ježek Art and Iveta is a self-taught artist. She uses mainly Sponge Painting technique for her work and she also enjoys painting with a palette knife from time to time. Iveta often embellishes her paintings with gold leaves, which add another dimension to the artworks.

In 2019 her first solo exhibition took place at the restaurant Nobile on Hviezdoslav Square.


In 2020, her painting "Imperfection Hides Under the Surface" appeared at the Art Spectrum exhibition at Zichy Palace.
In 2022, she was part of the Art x Nature collective exhibition at the Savoy Gallery of the Carlton Hotel, where she painted the artwork "Ignis". During the year 2023 her artworks were exhibited in Twin City, Bratislava, symposium Salve Prachatice, Czech Republic, Premio Citta ´Di Porto Sant ´Elpidio in Italy. In Italy she won a special prize of the international jury Premio speziale Giovanni Emergenti.


Since 2020, she has been working in her own Ježek Art studio, where she organises group and individual painting courses. Iveta is one of the few who organise courses focused on abstraction and she is the only one in Slovakia teaching the Sponging technique. Courses are also very popular with beginners.


Under the auspices of Ježek Art, Iveta organised the first-annual Art Hunt Bratislava in 2020. This is a unique project that aims to share art. It is a scavenger hunt focused on paintings from various professional and non-professional artists, which are hidden in the city centre of Bratislava. The project was a resounding success and it is already annual event.

Iveta says that her paintings do not tell stories, but express emotions.

"The magic of abstraction is that the artist inserts something personal into the artwork and thus expresses a specific feeling. But the viewer can see something completely different in it. This brings creativity on both sides and I consider it the biggest advantage of abstract art. "

Iveta expresses that it is not absolutely necessary to look for deep meaning in her works.

"It's not that my artwork is not deep - it is, and very much because it reflects my most intimate feelings. However, I want the viewer to just relax and absorb the feeling that the painting evokes. If someone wants to think more deeply about my paintings, I  highly support it, but it is enough for me if the viewer tells me a simple - I like it. "

Ježek Art and media:

  • August 2020 - Ježek Art was a part of a TV show "Teleráno" on Markíza television, where she presented her artworks and live painting

  • March 2021 - Ježek Art Studio was featured on a TV show ‘Women's Club’ at RTVS.

  • May 2021 - Shooting video for Nový Čas with model Silvia Kucherenko.

  • June 2021 - Ježek Art Studio was featured on a TV show "Umenie na TA3"

  • September 2021 - article about my successful project ARTHUNT in "Bratislavské noviny"

  • December 2021 - Ježek Art was a part of a TV show Dámsky klub on Jednotka TV, where she pained xmas baubles live

  • February 2022 - a four-page article about Ježek Art in the February issue of "Môj Dom" magazine 

  • May 2022 - interview on the "" portal

  • May 2023 - four-page interview in magazine Týždeň about my work

  • November 2023 - short interview in Eva magazine


  • November 2019 - solo exhibition in restaurant Nobile, Hviezdoslavovo námestie, Bratislava

  • 2019 - Trust Art exhibition, Art Books Coffee, Bratislava, collective exhibition

  • 2020 - Výtvarné spektrum, nationwide competition and art exhibition, Zichyho palác, Bratislava

  • June – December 2022 – artwork exhibition, cafe Talks, Bratislava

  • June 2022 – collective exhibition Art x Nature, Savoy Gallery, Hotel Carlton, Bratislava

  • February 2023 - solo exhibition, Twin City, blok B, Mlynské nivy, Bratislava

  • July 2023 - collective exhibition Výtvarné Spektrum, Dom Umenia, Bratislava, exhibited artwork "Focus I"

  • July 2023 - collective exhibition on art festival Premio Citta ´Di Porto Sant ´Elpidio in Italy (3 artworks exhibited)

  • July 2023 - art symposium Salve Prachatice, CZ, finished with collective exhibition, exhibited artwork "Soul of Prachatice"

  • August 2023 - exhibition on the festival of youth culture Kinesis, Žilina

  • September 2023 - solo exhibition, Justiho sieň, Primate's Palace, Bratislava

  • September 2023 - collective exhibition at Sacro Expo, Incheba

  • Október 2023 - collective exhibition at IDEB, Incheba, Bratislava

  • Október 2023 - collective exhibition at Moddom, Incheba, Bratislava

Ježek Art a médiá:

  • August 2020 - Ježek Art súčasťou Telerána v televízii Markíza, kde prezentovala svoju tvorbu a zároveň naživo maľovala. Záznam tu.

  • Marec 2021 - odvysielaná reportáž z Ježek Art ateliéru v Dámskom klube na Jednotke. Záznam tu (42:45)

  • Máj 2021 - Natáčanie pre Nový Čas so Silviou Kucherenko. Záznam tu.

  • Jún 2021 - Reportáž z Ježek Art ateliéru v relácii Umenie na TA3. Záznam tu (14:00)

  • September 2021 - článok v Bratislavských novinách o projekte Art Hunt tu

  • December 2021 - Ježek Art súčasťou Dámskeho Klubu na Jednotke, kde naživo maľovala vianočné gule. Záznam tu (45.minúta)

  • Február 2022 - štvorstranový článok o Ježek Art vo februárovom čísle časopisu Môj Dom a skrátená online verzia článku tu

  • Máj 2022 - rozhovor na portáli tu

  • Máj 2023 - štvorstranový rozhovor o tvorbe Ježek Art v májovom čísle týždenníka Týždeň

  • November 2023 - rozhovor o mojej tvorbe v časopise Eva

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